Error executing ViGem Bus

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Good morning friends, My name is Lucio, First of all I would like to thank Nefarius for developing this excellent ViGEm project.
My case: It turns out that for a long time I was looking forward to running my PS2 controller and I've never been able to compile correctly, but now things are done (Thanks) .. now I have a small error and I hope they can help me, it turns out that after running "VDX .exe "gives me error of dll and vigen bus, I followed the instructions of github" x360ce to ViGEm sample application "

Please help me, I have also installed ViGEm Bus Driver, HidGuardian Filter Driver, XnaGuardian Filter Driver from the file.INF. Is this where it fails? Thanks in advance for your answers, and please excuse my English.

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["Error executing ViGen Bus","Error executing ViGem Bus"]

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@Lucius#168 I would recommend switching language to english and re-grabbing those screenshots. I am not sure either myself or Nefarius understand what the error messages are saying.

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Thanks for answering. I have changed the language of my operating system to English, but I have received the same error, in one of them in English and the other for some unknown problem I kept showing in Spanish.
The issue is that I receive an error when executing:

  • If I run "x64 VDX_x64.exe" Error ViGem Bus connection failed
  • If I run "VDX.exe from x86" In this error window I kept saying in Spanish. The message is. "The code execution can not continue because it is not
    found ViGEmCIIent.dII. This problem can be solved
    reinstalling the program."

Silly the x86 and x64 versions are running from different folders.

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You have 2 different problem.

The first problem with the x64 executable is that the progam can't find the ViGEm Bus Driver, I have the exact same problem when I tries to run it. I'm currently trying to figur out why the ViGEm Bud Driver doesn't seams to work. Was getting to this forum trying to get help 🙂

The x86 executable seams to be dynamicly linked to the ViGEmClient.dll while the x64 executable is static linked to the ViGEmClient.lib during build time. Meaning that the x86 executable requies the dll file which you can get from compiling the source code from github and copy-pase the x86 version of ViGEmClient.dll to the folder.