UCR-xbox360ce-ViGEm pipe touchpad and guide(PS) key

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hi guys, i have some problem. first, sorry to low level english.
i need to play ps4 remote with my keyboard, and find many way to do that for 3days, finally i can make it.
make vjoy driver, and control them with UCR, and change them to Xbox360 controller with 360ce, finally it change dualshock4 with ViGEm.

but when i binding key with UCR, 360ce's bind is didn't work, just UCR's binding only work.
i can't bind touchpad and guide key with vjoy button.
i have 32 button in vjoy, but just 12key can bind at dualshock. touchpad and ps key can't

if you guys know what number key of vjoy is touch and pskey just talk to me
or if there are no button to bind plz tell me how i can do that. if there are another method to bind that?

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if you guys want screen shot, i can show you

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So if I understand correctly, your ultimate goal is to map keyboard input to (virtual) DS4 output, and you need it to be able to emulate the touchpad and the guide button? Do you need touchpad movement or just the click?

Looking at the C# wrapper for vigem, I see nothing at the moment for touchpad movement. Touchpad click and guide button do seem to be supported though.

FYI, I am working on a new version of UCR written in C#, and this version supports vigem.
I am no longer working on the old (AHK) version of UCR.
So in theory, this new version of UCR should be able to do the whole lot in one app.

This new version is nearing a state where we can put out some test builds for people to play with, but don't expect finished, polished software 😉

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yes, you understand my low level english perfectly.
yesterday, I knew x360ce's binding is work well. it just not real time binding.

I want touchpad movement too, but i need touchpad click first.
so thanks to check ViGEm, then ViGEm is support to use touchpad and PS button right? then it's X360ce's problem i think.

touchpad and guide button is can use with x360ce? but there are no touchpad mapping and there's guide button is didn't work. but if your UCR to be can supports ViGEm, it's wonderful.

can you tell me can i use ViGEm's touchpad click and PS button now?
if i can't do that, i'll wait your upgrade UCR.
Can i support or assist you?

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In the current build of the new UCR, PS button is supported, but touchpad click is not (Although it would not be hard to implement I think)

If you know how to code in C++ or C#, there is always code which needs working on, but otherwise, we will need people to test, but we are not quite ready to release test builds yet. The latest version currently crashes on exit, and if you have any keyboard mappings, it locks up your keyboard / mouse, requiring you to reset your PC. We don't want to be putting people through that right now, we need to find some solutions 🙂

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Its not "vigem" problem. "Vigem" is use xinput fo ps4 controller emulation and xinput you can say is xbox controller. Xbox controller has only 13 number of buttons ps4 - 14 - number 14 is touchpad click - it cannot be emulated via "x360ce" because it understands only 13 buttons. To be clear you need "vigem" can understand "vjoy" itself or can support side manufactured controllers with mapping option included. I get this way all from beginning to play Destiny via ps4 remoteplay app on my WIN10, and touchpad in this game is urgent control button - without game cannot be played, So it sad but true )))