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I'm doing a project where it would be very helpful to use my computer as a ps4 controller. If I get things right, ViGEm can do that for me. I have installed the ViGEm driver and the HidGuardian driver. I have also downloaded the ViGEm project, and been playing around in Visual Studio for a while now (a decade). However, my problem is that I am a noob at this. I don't have a clue on where to start, or what to do. So if someone could please give some hints on how to do this, I'm sure I'll figure out the rest on my my own.

My computer is supposed to be connected to the ps4 via USB, just so you know.


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what do you mean your PS4 is connected via USB??

Have a look at sample implementations here

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I thought it was possible to emulate a DS4 controller, and connect my computer to my Playstation via USB, but I may have misunderstood. I will try to do it with Playstation remote instead, if that is possible

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I got user feedback that ViGEm and Remote Play work fine.

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Nice, I will try that

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I am not sure it is possible purely with a USB cable, but it IS possible using a Titan device.

They have an API where you can control the joypad on a console from a PC.
My UCR app will allow you to remap stuff to the console (via the Titan).

But as Nefarius says, PS4 remote play is an alternative that requires no hardware.

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Thanks evilC. I will consider it.

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Hello, I'm trying to setting up my notebook's keyboard and my mouse with UCR to control my ps4 through the remote play, but I'm having some problems doing that.

First problem: the interception's not finding my notebook's keyboard.
Second problem: after I've bind my mouse, it did not work on remote play

Does anyone know a step by step solution for DS4 Emulation with UCR?