Switch Pro X + Suggestion for HidGuardian

Originally posted by ToadKing

I'm just making a quick post to show off a project I'm working on + suggestion. I'm currently writing a userland driver for the Nintendo Switch Pro controller for wired connections and ViGEm was perfect for what I was doing: https://github.com/ToadKing/switch-pro-x

One issue I ran into during development was that the HID descriptor for the Pro Controller in wired mode is completely borked and the normal Windows HID driver thinks there are no output reports available on the device despite there being some and they are needed to initialize wired communication. Because of this I had to abandon doing this with Raw Input + writing through the HID driver and had to use libusb + special drivers for the Pro Controller. Would it be possible for HidGuardian to optionally allow for less restricted control over a device? Like to write arbitrary data to arbitrary endpoints without sanity checking?