How exactly do i use(/build?) this?

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    @evilC#135 I don't know.... I Don't think the xinput has to be hidden. The PS4 remote play app will only accept input from a DS4. so, I don't *think* I need to hide the xinput, just have the remote play app see the DS4. I would be more then happy to test something and we can find out.

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    I am really trying to figure out how this software works. I have installed the ViGEmBus using devcon, and all looks good in device manager... I just have no idea where to go from here. once again, I have an xbox 360 controller that I would like to emulate a Dualshock 4 for use in PS4 remote play. according to, I just need to modify x360ce2ViGEm... but now I am moving outside my wheelhouse. here is his modified code from the above link

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    @EigenFace#67 Were you successful with this? Would you be willing to share? Thanks

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    @parabolee, I figured it out a few days ago and did a full reddit post on it.

    @evilC or @nefarius, do you think we will ever be able to emulate the DS4 touchpad? also, how do I make the xbox button act like the PS button?

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    @QuestingHero yes, TP emulation is possible but not yet exposed via API. Xbox Guide Button is "swallowed" by the system libraries so that's need some hacks.

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    TP Emulation on the GPD Win touchscreen would be AMAZING. TBH, to have ANY key (could be keyboard) be assigned to the PS button would be just fine. these are just requests, ViGEm is already amazing and if it stayed where it was at, I would be fine with that... but I am a dreamer 🙂 also, thank you for jumping on the reddit post and pointing me in the right direction for the VDX_64.exe.

    keep up the amazing work.

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    The ViGEm driver can already do that, it just has to be exposed via meaningful functions. I'll put it on the To-DO. Thank you for linking, I usually lack the time to actively browse for community usage of my stuff so it's nice to see it being used.

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    Since I last posted, we have released a public alpha of the new C# version of UCR which can create a virtual DS4 controller using ViGEm. As soon as Nefarius adds the API endpoints for setting of touchpad and gyro state, I will add it to UCR.
    We already support keyboard and mouse input via the Interception driver, plus xbox pad input via the XInput API, so it sounds like we should be able to provide you with some kind of solution.

    Regarding converting mouse input to PS touchpad, this is certainly something I would like to support in UCR, but I think I currently only processes "Relative" (regular) messages at the moment, AFAIK touchscreen would be "Absolute" messages.
    I don't own a device that reports in absolute mode at the moment, I am thinking a WACOM tablet or something should do the trick, but I have yet to pick one up.
    I could probably fake it or do it without access to reference hardware though, if you wanna pop in one of the Discord channels, (HidWizards or Nefarius' one) then I can probably work with you to find a solution here.
    We would not need to wait for Nefarius to implement the touchpad API endpoints, we could be doing this in parallel.

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    @evilC#183 I would love to help out. I have not used Discord before, but best I can tell, I need an invite to join either of those channels 😞 I installed the app on my phone, so if you could point me in the right direction, I would love to help.

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    @QuestingHero#209 on is the channel link in the top menu.

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