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    I've been testing x360ce2VigEm and it's working really good. It's just one thing that I havn't been able to sort out... when I enable force feedback in x360ce and run x360ce2VigEm then it freezes just after XInputGetState(). Disabling force feedback and it works perfectly... Since testing force feedback works well in x360ce I suppose it should be possible somehow. Can you confirm if this is an issue on all devices supporting force feedback or just my WiiUPro controllers?


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    I haven't implemented Force Feedback in x360ce2ViGEm yet.

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    have you implemented FFB at all? I'm thinking of migrating from vJoy to VIGem for my OpenSimwheel project. (Steering wheel connected to a 30Nm AC Servo using a Granite Decices Argon to control it)

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    Yes, with vigem\_register\_xusb\_notification

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