2nd player's dualshock 3 always partially out of control


I'm having problems with my PS3 controllers(original dualshock 3 via wired USB) in Windows 10 Pro x64.

Previously using SCP drivers, have this problem for few years(previously on redstone 1, now on redstone 4).

Removed SCP drivers and now installed ViGem + Fireshock + Shibari, also have the same problem.

When playing single player game with just 1 controller(original dualshock 3 via wired USB), no problem.

But when playing 2 players game with 2 controllers(both original dualshock 3 via wired USB), the 2nd player's controller will always be partially out of control after several minutes in any games.

2nd player's game character will auto move, auto jump, auto shoot, menu auto pop up, etc... not totally out of control but partially.

Might not be hardware's fault because even when I swapped both controllers + cables and reboot, the problem still exist for 2nd player after several minutes in any games.

I don't know what to do next.
I don't remember having problems when using Windows 7 + SCP drivers long ago.

Anyone can help?
Thank you.

I don't have an immediate answer to your problems but there's a bit of information that you could provide to help us debug.

  1. Did you follow this guide for removing SCPToolkit? https://docs.vigem.org/#!scptoolkit-manual-removal.md
  2. Whenever you start getting the second controller garbage input, open up joy.cpl (WinKey + R -> joy.cpl) and select your controller. Does this screen say that buttons are being triggered when they aren't supposed to?

Thanks - Dalton Smith


Hi, thanks for your help.

  1. No, I used the SCP driver installer to uninstall it.

Now, I just tried :
taskkill /F /IM ScpServer.exe
taskkill /F /IM ScpMonitor.exe
taskkill /F /IM ScpTrayApp.exe
sc stop Ds3Service
sc delete Ds3Service

Nothing found.
Previously, I was using SCP drivers older than v1.6.

  1. I need to wait for someone to play games with me. Sometimes it takes much longer time for the random input problem to happen.

Get back to me on point #2 when you can. Thanks!


Here is the result during garbage input.

Button 2 will light up most of the time, sometimes will go away.
The other buttons is just blinking randomly but sometimes will light up for XX seconds.

But I think other buttons won't random input if button 2 does not light up.


alt text

Sorry for my late response.
That does seem very odd, do you happen to have some other program installed on your PC that may be using the second X360Controller? I'll talk with the dev and see if he has any ideas.


I don't think other programs is using the 2nd controller.

Anyway, I have removed one of the DS3 controllers and plugged in a original xbox360 wired controller.
Now, I can play 2 players game without any garbage input.