Finally saw some activity on the Reddit topic. It seems like there were some issues with the WinUSB drive bundle I built so I had to put together a ZaDig guide. I've also updated the README file for the project on GitHub

Well, anyway, there is now one other confirmed user of the tool and he/she seems to be very happy to have full use of their Razer Atrox XBO 🙂

I've been spurred on to put together a roadmap for the tool:

Improved GUI (Text-mode first, later a proper Win32 GUI) Advanced Input rebinding and presets system Input modifier system to allow a button on the controller to be used to trigger alternate input mode. Similar to the Shift key on a keyboard Support up to 8 controllers Integrate libwdi to integrate WinUSB driver generation and installation into the application Support other XBO Arcade Stick controllers that do not work correctly on Windows