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  • ViGEm Bus Driver v1.16.112 released

    A milestone has been reached: ViGEm Bus Driver version 1.16.112 has been released in its glorious new setup form 😎

    Building the setup was more challenging than expected due to Windows Installer lacking abilities to handle device drivers - no real surprise there. So I've created a new repository hosting the Advanced Installer project files, the C# custom actions managing driver detection and (un-)installation and a fresh set of logos to spice up the rather boring nature of a device driver 😉

    This is also the fist public release which has gone through the WHQL test battery and been signed by Microsoft 🎉

    Now after the release is before the release 😉 so more news to come soon, but now a nap 💤


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  • RE: ViGEm Bus Driver Setup test checklist

    Win10 x64 1809 (17763.437)
    Secure Boot On
    All Checks OK 👍

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  • ViGEm Bus Driver Setup test checklist

    This article is aimed for the super secret test personell of new ViGEm Bus Driver setup releases 😎

    Requested feedback

    • Anything that deviates from the checklist below (basically errors)
    • Exact Operating System edition and version number (use winver command)
    • OS Architecture (64-Bit or 32-Bit)
    • Secure Boot State in msinfo32 command

    Post-installation checklist

    Presence of driver device

    The most important part would be the appearance of the star of the setup: the actual device in Device Manager!


    Version must match the one of the setup:


    Same for the properties of the actual binary (Provider and Copyright might change in the future):


    Programs and Features entry

    Names should be typo-free 😅 also version matching, icon expected to be there (not the default blank icon), links displayed in screenshots may be updated in the future:



    The setup writes only a few pieces of information to the registry, mainly the version installed for the auto-updater to check against. The following key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Nefarius Software Solutions e.U.\ViGEm Bus Driver should be created (on 64-Bit OS, without WOW6432Node on 32-Bit OS) with these values:


    The included updater is 32-Bit so on 64-Bit Windows it will look in the WOW6432Node virtual key for the version value.


    The creation of the path C:\Program Files\Nefarius Software Solutions\ViGEm Bus Driver is expected (same for 64- and 32-Bit). The missing e.U. in the company name is intentional as unfortunately Windows Installer had troubles creating a folder ending with a dot 🤦 The following files and folders must be there:



    The setup delivers an auto-updater which is invoked automatically every day and will check for new versions. It will connect to the URL which is reverse-proxied to GitHub and SSL-secured.

    The updater binary itself must be signed:


    Task Scheduler

    The Task Scheduler should host one new additional task named ViGEmBusUpdater configured like so:


    Manual testing

    The updater by default will remain silent if the local copy is up-to-date. The GUI can be tested by calling it vial PowerShell like so:

    & "C:\Program Files\Nefarius Software Solutions\ViGEm Bus Driver\ViGEmBusUpdater.exe" /checknow

    Which should report that everything is up to date:


    Post-uninstallation checklist


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  • Driver signing cheat-sheet


    inf2cat (x86 + x64, Windows 7 to 10 + Server OS)

    The following example creates a catalog file for a driver compatible with both x86 and x64 architectures and suited for Windows 7 up to 10 and Windows Server versions. It's assumed that the .INF file resides in the current directory.

    Inf2Cat.exe /driver:"." /uselocaltime /os:7_X64,Server2008R2_X64,8_X64,Server8_X64,6_3_X64,Server6_3_X64,10_X64,Server10_X64,10_AU_X64,Server2016_X64,10_RS2_X64,ServerRS2_X64,7_X86,8_X86,6_3_X86,10_X86,10_AU_X86,10_RS2_X86

    Cross-sign catalog and binaries in one go

    Cross-sign and timestamp catalog file and all compatible files in x86 and x64 sub-directories within the same path. Adjust path to cross-signing-certificate and EV certificate friendly name accordingly.

    signtool sign /v /ac "C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\CrossCertificates\DigiCert High Assurance EV Root CA.crt" /n "Nefarius Software Solutions e.U." /tr /fd sha256 /td sha256 *.cat .\x64\*.* .\x86\*.*
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  • ViGEm gets its well-deserved setup - finally

    Alright alright alright, ladies and gentlemen, another nugget is in refinement 😎

    Youtube Video

    I lost a lot of hair once again in this process and will talk about my discoveries later on. Nothing is ever easy when Windows drivers are involved 😅 But we're getting there. One build at a time. Stay tuned.

    Cheers and have a splendid rest of your Sunday ☀

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  • RE: Using a controller over network

    @AviiNL only the first one "wins" anyway, you can safely ditch the second one if it bothers you.

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  • RE: Dualshock 4 vibration support

    It has vibration support, yes.

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  • RE: Using a controller over network

    @AviiNL oh yeah! And they use ViGEm as well 😁

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  • RE: Using a controller over network

    @crow132 said in Using a controller over network:

    can this be achieved by using vigem?

    Yes although this has to be coded by someone, that's not an out-of-box feature.

    @crow132 said in Using a controller over network:

    that works for steam games yeah, but im interested in non steam games =/

    Doesn't this also work if you just add a non-Steam game to Steam?

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  • RE: Bluetooth Filter Driver for DS3-compatibility - research notes

    @Luke76bg I hope for the same, mate 😆 glad it brings you joy, we're getting very close, just stay with me 😅

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