Bluetooth Pairing with Shibari About Pairing a DS3 to a new Bluetooth host has to be done with a little help from a tool knowing what to send to the DS3. Shibari can do that through FireShock with a little management helper module. Preparations Navigate to the PowerShell subfolder within the directory you extracted Shibari to, hold the Shift key and right-click into the folder, giving you the Open PowerShell window here option: You're then greeted by a new PowerShell where you enter the following command: Import-Module .\Shibari.Dom.Management.PowerShell.dll Action! Now while keeping the PowerShell window open and on stand-by, launch the Shibari.Dom.Server.exe program ans keep an eye out for the line with Bluetooth Host Address: like so: Note this down, we gonna need that now. Leave the process running and switch back to the PowerShell window. If you haven't already, plug in the DS3 you'd like to pair. Enter the command Get-FireShockDevice, which should return something similar to this: Now enter the following in one go and adjust the host address to the one you've copied before: Get-FireShockDevice | Set-FireShockDevice -HostAddress 00:1A:7D:DA:71:13 If there's no error returned, the command succeeded and the controller is now paired to the current Bluetooth dongle